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Dextone Goes to School

Dextone Administrator - February 20, 2019 - 0 comments

Established for over 30 years, Dextone has become one of the prime adhesive company delivering products with various services and activities for the society. With a vision to support national economic development, Dextone realize that education is one of the important aspects contributing to a better economy. Therefore in early 2018, we started ‘Dextone Goes to School’.

Targeting 9-11 years old children, we carry the theme “Berkreasi Bersama Dextone“. The activites are held based on the six aspects of children improvement which are cognitive, social, emotional, communication skills, self-conciousness, and motoric. The children were guided to express their creativity in creating frame artwork using ice cream sticks, where all properties needed are prepared beforehand by the team.

Various schools had previously participated in these events, both public and private. These schools are Dharma Suci, SD Ayah Bunda Sunter, SD Marsudirini Matraman, Sekolah Jubilee Sunter, SDN 09 Pademangan, SDN Lagoa 07, SDN 18 Pekayon, and many others located in Jabodetabek area. Henceforward, “Dextone Goes to School” will continue to arrive with more activities and various crafts to make it more exciting. If your school is interested in our visit, you can reach us through the contact below: or



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