Construction No More Nails

Category: Super Nail Adhesive

Synthetic rubber based, one component multipurpose high quality adhesive. The quick-grab formula provides a heat and water resistant bond with fewer nails or fastener required. It reduces squeaks, nail pops and splitting. Can be used to eliminate the need for nails and screws in many constructions, familiy decoration, DIY and repair work.

Specification :

Colour : Brown
Solid Content : 82%
Heat Resistance : 70⁰C
Density : 1.22 g/ml
Extrudability : 250g/min
Skinning Time : 10-20 Minutes
Curing Time : 24 Hours
Initial Strength
8 kg in 2 Hours
20 kg in 24 Hours

Packaging Detail : 300 ml aluminium cartridge, 1 box = 24 pcs