Non Sag

Category: Epoxy Adhesive

Two-component resin glue and hardener that has high thickness so that it does not drip. Can be used as a filler and glue iron. steel, wood, copper, silver, ceramics and are usually applied to repair damaged parts of the ship. Can dry on wet surfaces and have high resistance to water, oil, oil and alkalis

Specification :

Mixing ratio : 1: 1
Color : Resin (Cream) & Hardener (Cream)
Mixed Color : Cream
Heat Resistance : 125⁰C
Initial Dry Time : 1 Hour
Final Drying Time : 3 Hours
Tensile Strength :> 3000psi

Packaging Detail :
170g aluminium can 1 box = 50 set
400g aluminium can 1 box = 12 set