Silicone Red

Category: RTV Silicone

Red Silicone Color that have a high temperature resistance up to 650F. Specially used for timing covers, intake manifold, transmission fluid, valve covers, water pumps, rubber gasket and can be used on other materials such as metal, ceramics, porcelain and plastic. Have good flexibiity and give a tight waterproof bond that withstand from leaking. Instantly form elastic rubber gasket.

Specification :

Colour : Red
Skinning Time : 5-20 minutes
Density : 0.97 g/ml
Temperature Range : -45⁰C – 200⁰C
Hardness : 19 Shore-A
Elongation Break : 580%
Extrudability : 633 g/min
Movement Capability : 25%

Packaging Detail : 30g and 70g tube card, 1 dozen = 12 pcs, 1 box = 12 dozen