Silicone Sealant Catridge Acetoxy Multi Purpose

Category: Silicone Sealant

Acetic Silicone Sealant with good performance used for glass, window frames, aquarium and can be used on other material such as metal, ceramics, porcelain and plastic. Have a good flexibility and give a tight waterproof bond that withstand water.

Specification :

Colour : Clear Black White Grey Brown
Skinning Time : 5-20 minutes
Density : 0.97 g/ml
Temperature Range : -45⁰C – 150⁰C
Hardness : 19 Shore-A
Elongation Break : 580%
Extrudability  : 633 g/min
Movement Capability : 25%

Packaging Detail : 300ml plastic cartridge, 1 box = 24 pcs