Silicone Sealant White Hybrid

Category: Silicone Sealant

Dextone Hybrid Crystal is the newest generation of SMP (Silane-Modified Polymer) product with a premium performance and totally transparent appearance. It is excellent for most general sealing and bonding jobs without any shrinkage and contains no toxic at all! It is a perfect product for sealing delicate vitrines and can also be served as a premium grade of liquid nail with very high tack performance.

Specification :

Colour : White
Skinning Time : 10-25 minutes
Density : 1.6 g/ml
Temperature Range : -45⁰C – 150⁰C
Hardness : 35 Shore-A
Elongation Break : 500%
Extrudability : 300 g/min
Movement Capability : 25%

Packaging Detail : 300ml plastic cartridge, 1 box = 24 pcs