As one of the best adhesive brand in Indonesia, we are committed to grow and provide the highest quality products for all our customers

Committed to be a top trusted multinational adhesive company in Indonesia

Based on 8 important aspects :
– 5 S Working Culture (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
– Time Management (on time delivery)
– Good Administrative
– Expand and provide high quality products
– Provide excellent service
– Improve human resources performance
– Adapt with the latest technology and information
– Continuously expand marketing networks throughout Indonesia

Our marketing team are dedicated to expand the marketing network by transforming and improving the traditional marketing system through technology



Dextone is widely known as an adhesive brand in Indonesia, offering various types of adhesives for construction, automotive, household, marine, engineering and many other purposes. Our brand is also reputable as the market leader in Indonesia for adhesive products.

Our goods are manufactured by PT Dextone Lemindo for more than 20 years in Indonesia. We produce by using high quality raw materials to meet our consumers’ needs. Along through the years and competition, Dextone continue to strive for innovation and training its employees to improve service and product quality. We use advanced technology and adhere to the quality management certification, ISO 9001-2015 system, to ensure proper standardization.

We provide various types of glue such as Epoxy Adhesive, Silicon Sealant, Cyanoacrylate, Gaskets, PVC, PVAC, Multi Purpose Contact Adhesive and other adhesives, completed with standardize packaging. To us, our customer satisfaction comes first and we always provide warranty for the use of our products.