Water Based No More Nails

A water based construction adhesive that is formulated with strong initial grab which makes it ideal for installing wall paneling, flooring, strring boards and architraves. There is no solvent release during curing. Odorless and safe to use. It provides high strength of bonding after drying. Bonds a wide variety of material such as wood to wood assembly, metal joint to lumber, bathroom fixtures, fiberglass shower, metal, brick, concrete, tile, plywood, particleboard, mirror and etc.

Colour: Clear
Solid content: 25 ± 2 %
Density: 0.85 g/volume
Viscosity: 2000-3000 cps
Temp Resistance: 80° C
Setting time: 10 seconds
Packing details: 40g aluminium tube. 1 dozen = 12 pcs. 1 box = 12 dozen; 400g aluminium can. 1 box = 6 can