Lem Kuning Bond 888 1 L

Category: Multi Purpose Adhesive

Yellow Adhesive Bond 888 (CODE: D4) 2.5 Kg

Dextone Bond 888 2.5 KG is a yellow adhesive with a special formula that has been designed to provide exceptional bonding strength on various types of surfaces, including leather, rubber (foam), wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, and many more. This product is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring excellent quality and strong adhesive properties. With Dextone Bond 888, you can rely on long-lasting bonding capability for a variety of your projects.

Spesifikasi :

Rasio Pencampuran: #
Color: Kuning
Solid Content: 20±2%
Density: 0,8 g/ml
Temperature Resistance: 80°C
Viscosity: 2000-4000 cps

Detail Packing:

100 grams of aluminum cans per box = 100 cans, 2.5 kilograms each of aluminum cans per box = 6 cans, 10 kilograms each of aluminum cans